Happy & Co.


No bullshit. Just Sofa(s).

The team behind this young start-up had a vision of disrupting the conservative furniture market by creating a new and different brand appealing to the urban youth, but lacked a clear voice and a go-to-market strategy. The brand platform “No bullshit. Just Sofas.” was created cementing their mission and introducing an interplay between the new brand name, Sofa, and the brand’s new jovial and slightly provocative tone-of-voice. From here, everything from product names to pricing was carefully planned and conceptualized down to the detail with the aim of creating a unique voice and making sure the arrival of a new and simpler alternative in the market was unmissable. In addition to guerilla outdoor posters stealing headlines in the centre of the biggest Danish cities, the campaign quickly took to social media making Sofa an instant hit with consumers across the country.