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Honoring the foundation of a nation

Loved, despised and forgotten for centuries. Concrete has seen it all. Concrete ghettos are in the past and we have entered a time of new forms, expressions and a sustainable focus that has given concrete new life and visibility. The rocky history makes it easy to forget the lasting impact concrete has had on all of us as the building material that acts as a solid bedrock for the vast majority of our lives – from our homes and cities to the country’s infrastructure. In fact, concrete is the foundation that binds our country and us Danes together. A foundation that means that we are never far apart. That we dare to think and build big, even though we are a small nation. And that we have always had the ability to move together through adversity and crisis. To honor the legacy of IBF – one of Denmark’s oldest concrete producers – we created the integrated campaign “Beton til Tiden” showing just how much concrete means to them.